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70 years ago, at 8:15am (Japan Time) on 6 August 1945, the USA dropped an atomic bomb over Hiroshima in Japan.  ‘Little Boy’ contained about 64kg of uranium-235 and took about 44 seconds to drop to 580m above the city, where … Continue reading

How to make a ‘Mini-Planet’

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Many a time on a market stall, I’m asked about the ‘mini-planets’ on display and find myself explaining the process I use. Essentially, a mini-planet is a 360° landscape that has been looped round to produce a continuous panorama.  I … Continue reading

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge in London at sunset © 2015 entoptika. All rights reserved.

Also known as ‘the wobbly bridge’, due to a rather unfortunate design flaw discovered on opening day, the Millennium Bridge spans the River Thames from the Tate Modern to St. Paul’s Cathedral, providing pedestrians with a relatively simple way of getting from … Continue reading

Westminster Sunset

The Houses of Parliament in Westminster © 2015 entoptika. All rights reserved.

It had been another day of pollution warnings in London, which seemed to produce a strange looking red sun the evening before, so I forced myself out of the house for the second evening running and headed to the south … Continue reading

Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier © 2015 entoptika. All rights reserved.

The day started out really smoggy.  Warnings were in force in London as saharan dust got mixed up with pollution and smothered London in a haze.  Being a photographer got me thinking about what that would all do to the … Continue reading

Trafalgar Square Blue Hour

The Gift Horse sculpture on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square © 2015 entoptika. All rights reserved.

I ended up in Trafalgar Square more by chance than design, because I’d decided to pay a visit to Admiralty Arch before the sun set, whichever cloud that was behind during the evening… Located just off Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch … Continue reading

Nestlé Avenue Factory

Nestlé Avenue Factory Gate © 2015 entoptika. All rights reserved.

The Nestlé factory in Hayes, where they made Nescafé for over 80 years, now stands dormant.  The company moved manufacturing to Tutbury in Derbyshire in 2012, leaving the site with a skeleton crew of around 100, until it was eventually sold … Continue reading

Windy Southbank

The Shard and 240 Blackfriars lit up at dusk as viewed from Waterloo Bridge on the Southbank © 2015 entoptika. All rights reserved.

As soon as I arrived on the Southbank I could feel the wind, but decided to ‘give it a go’ after travelling in just before sunset.  There were plenty of clouds, but I had been hoping something might break before … Continue reading