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Catford Cat

This fibreglass cat is easily one of the most recognisable landmarks of Catford and Lewisham, perched atop the sign for the rather tired looking Catford Centre.  The shopping centre itself was built in 1974.  It’s widely suggested that the name Catford came about because there was a river crossing at the site and wild cats, however other theories include Cattle, where cattle were brought across the ford.  The cat theory seems to have won out in the 70’s.

I took this image in the summer of 2013 and did quite a lot of post-processing to desaturate all of the colour except blue and aqua, boosting the blue saturation of the sky by hand after reducing the blue glow of the reflected light on the cat itself.

With plans to completely revamp the Catford Centre in the pipeline, the cat’s future is certainly not set in stone, but hopefully it will remain as a landmark long after the regeneration has taken place.  It is certainly one of the most commented and purchased image on my stall at local markets.  Whether people like it or not, it usually has some place in their memory, as a meeting point or a sign of being home.

You can purchase a copy of the print on the link below.

Catford Cat